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Palazzo Gromo Losa

Located in the heart of the historic village of Biella Piazzo, Palazzo Gromo Losa is a modern exhibition center but also an original container of cultural and social projects owned by the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation.

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The pride of Palazzo Gromo Losa is certainly the Italian garden, dedicated to the rose theme, whose various species intertwine along the central pergola, recalling the weft and warp of a fabric.

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Corso del Piazzo, 22/24 - 13900 - Biella
+39 015 0991868

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Dal 21 ottobre 2023

Banksy, Jago, TvBoy e altre storie controcorrente. Dal 21 ottobre 2023 al 1° aprile 2024

Palazzo Gromo Losa and Palazzo Ferrero host an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the most influential contemporary artists, capable of narrating the contemporary with a language that goes straight to everyone's heart.

Banksy, Jago, TvBoy, famous and celebrated artists all over the world, are just some of the protagonists of the exhibition, which also brings together international celebrities such as Takashi Murakami and Liu Bolin for the first time.
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Giardino Palazzo Gromo Losa

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Are you Under 25? The visit to our palace is free for you! Our palace also adheres to the Aosta Valley Museums Subscription Circuit and is a partner of FAI, Castelli Aperti and many other realities. Discover all the customized conventions for you!

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Discover all the events, exhibitions, activities and the garden of Palazzo Gromo Losa.

Palazzo Gromo Losa


Palazzo Gromo Losa


Palazzo Gromo Losa


Palazzo Gromo Losa

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Plaç. Stories of the Piazzo

Plaç awaits you at Palazzo Gromo Losa. The stories of the Piazzo, a brand new multimedia exhibition dedicated to the historic village of Biella. An immersive and interactive installation in close dialogue with Receptum. Where it all began, a “twin” project situated at the Ricetto di Candelo>. The two installations, inaugurated in spring 2022, exploit high-impact technology to welcome the visitor, accompanying him by the hand and teasing the hunger for history and culture, as well as the desire to explore the territory which is inherent in each of us. Enjoy this experience for yourself!

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