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The Italian garden

A garden dedicated to the rose

The pride of Palazzo Gromo Losa is certainly the Italian garden, dedicated to the theme of the rose, whose various species intertwine along the central pergola, recalling the weft and warp of a fabric. A walk through the fountains and flower beds of the garden is the indispensable complement to any visit to the exhibitions housed in our palace. Next to the large central park there is also a delightful "garden of essences" and a corner dedicated to camellias, to which must be added the central courtyard, the eastern tree-lined area and the wooded slope that leads down to the underlying "Piazzo parking lot" for a total of over 11,800 square meters.

The gift of a patron from Biella

The garden of Palazzo Gromo Losa was born in 2007, when the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation accepted the proposal of a private Biella patron, Emanuele Rosa, to transform, at his own expense, the green area of ​​the complex into a park inspired by the criteria of the Italian garden. The project was developed by the client himself and by the landscape architect Ermanno Pozzi, who drew inspiration from the garden of Villa Gamberaia in Settignano (FI).

A constant flowering from May to November

The large lawn, cut from an existing pergola, has been divided into regular parts bordered by low box hedges. Basins of water moved by foaming jets have been placed in the center of each flower bed. Monochromatic rose hedges ensure constant flowering from May to November. A hornbeam tunnel closes the northern side of the parterre and invites you to take a pleasant walk in the shade. To the south, the plain is bordered by a parapet hedge, accompanied by a row of Prunus subhirtella, which blooms in winter and early spring. A staggered row of Cornus florida has been planted on the slope below, while well-spaced Tuscan cypresses stand out above the lower wall. The pre-existing tree species have been respected: these are five khaki, some laurels and other fruit and flowering plants, among which a monumental cherry tree stands out, which has become a decisive element in the design of the gravel paths.

An evocative theater for concerts and shows

The paths and flowerbeds of our garden are the ideal setting for classical music concerts, generally organized by the Perosi Academy Foundation which is based in the palace, readings and dance performances and open-air theater, which enliven the afternoons and evenings of the summer in Biella, when the palace and garden are bathed in the warm light of the sun setting behind the mountains.

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