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Walking like a star. Marilyn in Biella

At the Città Studi Library, the exhibition "Walking Like a Star" is presented. Marilyn Monroe in Biella. The project involves four post-graduate specialization courses of Città Studi and several local companies, with the aim of representing an imaginary visit by Marilyn to the Biella area. In detail, the boys, coordinated by teacher Gunn Johansson, have set up a space that compares the fashion of the 1950s with contemporary style, creating a wardrobe of clothes created for the film diva to wear on her hypothetical tour.

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Mending the future

Exhibition tribute to Coco Chanel by ITS TAM at the Cultural Space. Fifty years after the death of Coco Chanel, ITS TAM wanted to pay tribute to the style of the great French couturière and at the same time propose a reflection and interpretation on current themes and issues. From the pandemic to the need for sustainable fashion, from the massive influence of social media on the new generations to inclusiveness, the garments made and the story of their genesis tell us a work of analysis, research, understanding and invention then translated into creations that reveal the technical skills and know-how acquired by students, enhancing the beauty of the fabrics and yarns utilised.

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Omar Ronda's Marilyn in favor of the Biella Committee of the Italian Red Cross

On the occasion of the exhibition, Palazzo Gromo Losa hosts a fundraiser in favor of the Red Cross of Biella intended to support the "Eyes on me" project through the sale of Marilyn Forever lithographs by the Biella-based artist Omar Ronda.

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Coco and Marilyn: a matter of style

A bibliography and a filmography dedicated to the two divas to deepen their life and their work created on the occasion of the exhibition by the Biellese Library Center. A similar reading proposal is also available on the MLOL digital library.

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Coco Chanel sul divano del suo salotto - Parigi, 1962 - ©Douglas Kirkland/Photo Op

Woman of fire

On the occasion of the exhibition "Coco + Marilyn. Biella halfway bewtween Milan and Turin" Palazzo Gromo Losa hosts "Donna di Fuoco", a stone sculpture by the Biella artist Cecilia Martin Birsa. The work, placed in the shade of the khakis in the garden as a tribute to the two icons protagonists of the exhibition, celebrates the majesty of the primordial and contemporary strength of women. The sculpture was made of basaltic andesite, a rock of volcanic origin from the Elvo stream. The entrance to the garden is included in the ticket for the exhibition. INFO: Donna di Fuoco Blog

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We can all be Coco + Marilyn

On the occasion of the exhibition "Coco + Marilyn: Biella halfway between Milan and Turin" the associations Ascom, Cna, Confartigianato and Confesercenti, in collaboration with the Teatrando company, present the performance "All of us can be COCO + MARILYN" with the free patronage of the Municipality of Biella and Biella Estate.

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Coco Chanel rifinisce i dettagli della manica di un tailleur per la collezione di agosto. Parigi, 1962 ©Douglas Kirkland/Photo Op

Coco & Marilyn. A musical journey between France and America

On the occasion of the exhibition "Coco + Marilyn. Biella halfway between Milan and Turin "the Cloister of San Sebastiano* hosts a special concert by the "Giuseppe Verdi" Musical Society - City of Biella ".

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That Click

On the occasion of the exhibition "Coco + Marilyn: Biella halfway between Milan and Turin" on Thursday 23 September, Luca Severi's documentary "That Click" on the life and extraordinary career of photographer Douglas Kirkland arrives at the Cinema Verdi in Candelo. Kirkland portrayed sixty years of pop culture ranging from photojournalism to portraits of famous people, from stills to documentation of major global events.

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