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Ironman at Palazzo Gromo Losa

From the 2nd of July to September 18th 2022

On the occasion of Daniele Basso's personal exhibition The folds of the soul, which can be visited at the Sanctuary of Oropa from the 2nd of July to September 18th 2022 and curated by Irene Finiguerra, Palazzo Gromo Losa hosts the works of the Ironman Frame series, never exhibited before. They are unfinished fragments of the Ironman sculpture, inspired by the superhero of the Marvel Universe, which celebrates Tony Starks, who is willing to make entirely use of his conspicuous heritage to fight for his ideals and beliefs, to remember that everyone is the protagonist of his own era.

The works can be found in the tour of the new interactive multimedia installation Plaç. The Piazzo stories.

Contemporary art and spirituality meet in Oropa

In Oropa, on the other hand, you will find nine works, in a path that involves open spaces and other unconventional places, in an ideal itinerary where art and spirituality meet. In this exhibition the artist investigates the hidden places of the human spirit, in particular through a series of monumental sculptures in hand-polished mirror steel, which create a visual and mental pattern played on the contrast between the work and the space in which it's located. They are works that, due to their size, testify to the courage of the artist’s creation.

Achill by DanieleBasso
Ironman D Frame by DanieleBasso

A widespread exhibition

In addition to Palazzo Gromo Losa, there are many other locations off the exhibition in Biella, set up with the aim of bringing the sanctuary closer to the city. In the Palazzo del Governo (Prefecture), the exhibition of Bimbo Faber awaits you, a work that interprets the world of Italian artisan and industrial excellence, created in 2019 for the 50th anniversary of CNA Biella. In the Biblioteca Civica and at the Museo del Territorio Biellese there are the works Aureo and Aureo jr, a tribute to culture and in particular to writing, as tools for the construction of oneself and one's identity. Finally, in the internal courtyard of Palazzo Ferrero you will find Hic Sunt Leones, a work never exhibited before, which expresses the search for the deepest self as a process in relation to change, as the only true constant in life. These works are part of Daniele Basso's artistic path, of which the area of Biella has already hosted three well-known and appreciated sculptures for some time: Aquamantio in Piazza Curiel in front of the Civic Library (donated to the city of Biella for the 100th anniversary of the gastronomy Mosca1916, a Biellese excellence), the work Insieme for the headquarters of Yukon (Vigliano Biellese) and Coke Its Me P.A. (author's proof of the homonymous work on permanent display at the World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta GA) at the Relais Santo Stefano in the nearby town of Sandigliano.

The inauguration of the exhibition in Oropa is set for Saturday 2 July at 5.30 pm and will be open to public. It will be held in the Conference Room of the sanctuary with the following visit to the exhibition in presence of the artist and curator.

The Oropa exhibition, on free admission, will be open every day according to the opening hours of the sanctuary. The works at the offices in Biella can be visited on the opening days of each site individually. The exhibition of Palazzo Gromo Losa can be visited free of charge every Sunday from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm as part of the Rete Museale Biellese with a compulsory guided tour at the following times: 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm, 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm (reservation is not required). The visit includes the garden and the new multimedia installation Plaç. The stories of Piazzo, dedicated to the historic village of Biella.

CristoRitorto by DanieleBasso

Info and Timetables

From the 2nd of July to September 18th 2022

Every Sunday from 2.30pm to 6.30pm

Compulsory guided tour at the following times: 2.30 pm, 3.30 pm, 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm (reservation is not required)

Palazzo Gromo Losa: Corso del Piazzo 24, 13900 Biella

Free admission

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Not only to the village of Piazzo

A visit to the exhibition is the ideal opportunity for a weekend to discover our territory. Industrial history and archeology, lots of nature just a few steps from the city with exceptional green areas such as the Burcina Park and the Zegna Oasis, the Sanctuary of Oropa and other spiritual places, the Ricetto di Candelo, a splendidly preserved medieval jewel, Lake Viverone and much more. Without forgetting the flavors of Piedmontese cuisine, our fine wines and the textile "know-how" that in 2019 earned Biella its entry into the Unesco Creative Cities network.

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How to reach us

Biella is located roughly halfway between Turin and Milan.

If you arrive by car: Once you have reached the center, we recommend that you go upwards to the village of Piazzo with the suggestive Funicular (you can take it in Piazza Curiel and it is free). Once you have gone up to the Piazzo go left, cross Piazza Cisterna and continue for about 5 minutes on foot to Palazzo Gromo Losa, which you will find on your right. Alternatively, you can leave your car at the "Piazzo Parking" (free) going up from Via Ivrea / Via Mentegazzi and reach the village of Piazzo via the convenient lift inside the parking lot. Palazzo Gromo Losa will be on your right once you reach Corso del Piazzo.

If you arrive by train: From the Biella San Paolo station, take the bus (lines 360 and 900) and get off in Piazza Curiel, then go up to the village of Piazzo with the Funicular (free). Once you have gone up to the Piazzo go left, cross Piazza Cisterna and continue for about 5 minutes on foot to Palazzo Gromo Losa, which you will find on your right.

How to reach us

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