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Travel back. Horizons, borders, generations

A project by Fabrizio Lava

From 16 October 2021 to 9 January 2022 Palazzo Gromo Losa will host - together with the nearby Palazzo Ferrero and Palazzo La Marmora - the fourth edition of the Travel review. Horizons, frontiers, generations, a project curated by Fabrizio Lava (StileLibero Association), which investigates the multiple meanings of the word travel through exhibitions, meetings and workshops that interact with each other.

The fil rouge of the initiative is the journey as a discovery, a search for the unknown, an enriching experience, an irreplaceable opportunity for real, and not only virtual, confrontation with the other, with what is different from us, and today also an investigation into the sustainability of the journey to which the whole festival is dedicated. Travel is a theme as old as man, who is familiar to travel and migration.

We face a journey to explore unknown countries, to escape from the banality of everyday life, to chase the exotic, get to know other cultures, build new personal relationships. Some people travel for pleasure, others out of necessity, perhaps in search of a serenity that they have lost in their home, still others for business or walking and praying towards a place of faith.

The exhibitions

The heart of the event will be the exhibitions hosted in the three buildings of the Biella Piazzo Cultural Center (ticket office in Palazzo Ferrero). We begin with "I Viaggi delle balene", watercolors by Giorgio Maria Griffa dedicated to humpback whales and the sperm whale, while Massimiliano Zaffino takes us for a walk among the memories with his collages in the exhibition "Postcards of the Mind".

We continue with "The practice of white”, a technique utilized by Paola Anziché who uses fibers as her expressive means, which are intertwined and modeled in soft, habitable, living and suspended sculptures, and to finish "Travelers always, by any means" by Guido Tassini, a journey through time and imagination. Among the photographic exhibitions do not miss "Ciak si gira per il Belpaese", the places of cinema interpreted by photographers Neos, and "Daidaidai", the journey of Danilo Ragone and Luca Paiardi in the saddle of their wheelchairs told by the shots of Gabriele Bertotti, a photographic exhibition set up with the soundtrack of optimism.

The exhibition "Antarctica Expedition 2020", curated by the CAI Section of Biella, photographs by Gianluca Cavalli, Manrico Dell’Agnola and Marcello Sanguineti, tells the story of the January 2020 explorations in the Antarctic Peninsula. In addition, the authors of the Biella Fotoclub are back, skilled image hunters ranging in today's digital clicks, in the “4X10” exhibition. Finally, “#Innamoratidelbiellese”, an archive of high-resolution photographs by #ADBiella Digital Projection.

The exhibition of some works from the Valeria Belvedere collection by Hidetoshi Nagasawa and Giacinto Cerone deserves a separate mention, paying homage to the recently deceased gallery owner, on an ideal journey through their work on the occasion of the opening of the Valeria Belvedere House Museum in Pollone.

The Festival

The Travel review. Horizons, borders, generations will be preceded by the Festival of the same name, which includes a busy schedule of meetings and workshops, inaugurated on Friday 15 October at 6.30 pm with a meeting with the journalist Giuliana Sgrena dedicated to the Arab world and Afghanistan at Palazzo Ferrero.

Among the events at Palazzo Ferrero we note the meeting with Danilo Ragona, Luca Paiardi and Gabriele Bertotti who will talk with Irene Cabiati (La Stampa - NEOS) and Fabrizio Lava and the presentation of the books Italy is a path, stories of paths and walkers (Laterza 2019) by Natalino Russo, journalist and photographer, specialized in caving and outdoor and Cities to browse (Tarka 2021) by Riccardo Jannello edited by Associated Travel Journalists | The VocidiDONNE literary café will host the show "Vivian Maier's eyes - I'm camera" by and with Roberto Carlone, a story of wrong times, a story on the combination of photography and life, on the strength and mystery of a single and strong woman that has embraced the world. Finally, there will be workshops organized by local associations and for the little ones there will be itinerant educational workshops among the fascinating exhibitions of the review curated by Clorofilla Soc. Coop.

For the complete program visit the Palazzo Ferrero website.

Info and Timetables

From 16 October 2021 to 9 January 2022

Friday 3pm-7 pm

Saturday and Sunday 10pm-7pm

28-29-30 December, 4-5-6 January 3pm-7 pm

Closed 24th, 25th, 31st December and 1st January

Palazzo Gromo Losa: Corso del Piazzo 24, 13900 Biella

Ticket office at Palazzo Ferrero (Corso del Piazzo 29, Biella)
The ticket is valid for one entry to the exhibition venues and is valid for the entire duration of the exhibition opening.

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Free: Piedmont Valle d’Aosta Museums Subscription, disabled + companion, licensed and accredited tourist guides, accredited journalists, children up to 14 years of age.

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Biella is located roughly halfway between Turin and Milan.

If you arrive by car: Once you have reached the center, we recommend that you go upwards to the village of Piazzo with the suggestive Funicular (you can take it in Piazza Curiel and it is free). Once you have gone up to the Piazzo go left, cross Piazza Cisterna and continue for about 5 minutes on foot to Palazzo Gromo Losa, which you will find on your right. Alternatively, you can leave your car at the "Piazzo Parking" (free) going up from Via Ivrea / Via Mentegazzi and reach the village of Piazzo via the convenient lift inside the parking lot. Palazzo Gromo Losa will be on your right once you reach Corso del Piazzo.

If you arrive by train: From the Biella San Paolo station, take the bus (lines 360 and 900) and get off in Piazza Curiel, then go up to the village of Piazzo with the Funicular (free). Once you have gone up to the Piazzo go left, cross Piazza Cisterna and continue for about 5 minutes on foot to Palazzo Gromo Losa, which you will find on your right.

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